Our Story

Est. 2016

A women owned company that began when two lash technicians became friends and decided to start their own business. We wanted to create a place for clients where people could get quality lash services while having a laid-back atmosphere. Our zero-gravity chairs offers our clients to relax or to chat. Not feeling invasive or uncomfortable on flat massage tables or awkward reclining chairs. We pride ourselves only using products that are made and manufactured in the US & Canada. That also includes that all products are animal testing and animal cruelty free. We wanted to help clients achieve their own style of lashes while conforming to their own eye shape. All lash extensions are applied by a one extension per one lash echnique to give clients the most natural appearance and best results without compromising the integrity of natural lashes or each clients natural lash cycle. Skip mascara, falsies, and the headaches of magnet lashes that pinch or wears off. Have longer, thicker, darker, curlier lashes that lasts for weeks! Waterproof and cry-proof! 


Certified Lash Technician in both Classic and Volume.                

 Licensed Cosmetologist in CA.

Certified in Brow Laminations.

After my best friend became ill with cancer she started to lose her hair and lashes. I was determined to find possibilities of maintaining and accenting her natural lashes, without false lashes, adhesives and mascara. Since then (2012), I have become certified in eyelash extensions services with various lash companies. Just to name a few, A Lash Thing inc. (first generation), Lashfully, and Bella Lash Extensions.

My specialty in the services I do are based upon educating each client with the process of lash design that is customized to each person. When I began doing lashes (at that time) all lash services were considered "the newest trend ." There was not much information that was available on services, adhesives, products, and the importance or licensing and certification. (Before 2014, most states did not regulate eyelash extensions.) So, I began a blog (confessions of a lash technician on blogspot). I believe educating both clients and technicians, helps provide answers, transparency and information. Because of my research and experience, I help educate on advanced techniques, style designing, products and ingredients. I strive to help my clients achieve the desired look, style and while supplying the highest quality work and customer service.  With each client, I will walk you through the lashing process of any service(s) to help customize the look you want to achieve while conforming to your natural eye shape and keeping the integrity of your natural lashes. With all of my client consultations, you can choose the style, length, fullness and more. Say goodbye to mascara, false lashes, adhesives, clusters, lash curlers, and save time!  Come and get pampered with me! 

Room Rental Inquiries 

Must be 18 years or older,

Must be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist.

Only available for rental on specified days.

Open to estheticians, lash technicians, make up artists, and/or sugaring/waxing technicians.

Please e-mail inquiries to SuiteLash@gmail.com

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